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Why Your Restaurant Should Be Working With Influencers

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Like it or not, millennials have found a way to capitalize on social media, especially on Instagram! It’s time to embrace the movement and use it to showcase your restaurant, generate an increase in reviews and of course, in revenue. Here are 7 reasons why your restaurant should be working with Influencers

  1. 74% of customers trust social networks to guide towards their purchases, especially when it’s not coming from a celebrity.

  2. On average, businesses make $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

  3. Instagram is a universal favorite for influencers, and guess which platform is #1 for restaurants and food related business? Yep, Instagram.

  4. Influencers have become very niche, that means they are seeking to working with businesses that reflect their own personal brand and feel their followers would appreciate. What does that mean for you? Desired demographics if you choose to work with the right influencers for your restaurant.

  5. 70% of millennials are influenced by influencers or their peers when they recommend something.

  6. Traditional marketing is on it’s way out, print ads are only 4.7% effective and TV ads are only 7.4% effective

  7. 88% of consumers will trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The most common type of reviews? Restaurants!

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