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Why Your Restaurant Needs to Be on Instagram

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If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, restaurant owner or simply just someone that loves food, would you agree that you always eat first with your eyes? The answer is definitely YES. The popularity of Instagram and food is astronomical so why not get your business on the trend and showcase what it is you have to offer. 

As a restaurant owner, the quality of your food and service is the most important thing you need to worry about, however, the only people seeing your food are the customers who have already been to your restaurant. How do you get more/new people walking through your doors? Social media and Instagram especially. 

The whole point of Instagram for your restaurant is to show people what you have to offer. From your unique dishes, to your beautiful interior & to your daily/weekly specials, Instagram is what makes people aware of all the great things you have to offer. 

Be searchable & sharable. Instagram is a social network that allows people to share, like, comment and interact on your photos/videos. In other words, it provides the ideal platform to share delicious items that are made in your kitchen. There are 1 BILLION users on Instagram. Let us repeat. 1 BILLION USERS. That is a lot of people that you could be sharing your restaurant with, so what’s stopping you?

To summarize, if you’re wondering why you NEED to be on Instagram, take a look at this list & get in touch with us so we can start planning your social strategy today:

  • Your customers are using Instagram

  • You reach a new audience using Instagram

  • Instagram helps you be unique 

  • Increased brand awareness 

  • Develop a strong brand identity 

  • Target a larger audience in your city/hometown

  • Showcase all you have to offer

  • Give people a platform to share their reviews & opinions 

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