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Why Your Restaurant Needs To Be On Instagram

Social Media for Restaurants

Do It For The Gram may sound silly to a lot of restaurant owners and in some ways, it is, however, it is the world we now live in. It is more important than ever for your restaurant to be on Instagram and here are some good reasons why.

  • Millenials are now using Instagram to not only decide where to eat but what to order too!

  • Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media Platform today

  • Interior designers and restaurateurs are now designing their interiors to be "Instagram Worthy" because it's more likely to be covered by influencers, bloggers and the press.

  • According to Brandwatch, engagement with businesses on Instagram is 10x more than on Facebook and 54x more than on Pinterest.

  • Instagram is the best Social Media platform for Restaurants

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Instagram ads are significantly more affordable than traditional marketing (print, radio) and are much more effective. Did you know an Instagram ad looks almost identical to an Instagram post? Therefore, allowing for more engagement and conversions. You can also geo-target your community which leads to high conversion rates and in turn, revenue.

  • Instagram allows you to connect with your community through feedback and of course, user generated content. The more you utilize these, the more likely your customers are to return and remain loyal to your brand.

  • Food is the most photographed subject on Instagram, making the platform the obvious choice for restaurants, food bloggers, chefs, etc...

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