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Why You Should Outsource Your Restaurant Digital Marketing

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Your job as a restauranteur is to be the visionary. Working with the right power team will accelerate your vision and make it come to life. However, trying to wear all the hats in a restaurant will cost you time and possibly even your restaurant and dream.

How many times a day do you wish you had just a few more hours to get extra work done? How many times a day do you wish you had a second pair of hands? How many times have you found yourself overwhelmed by all the social and digital marketing components needed for your restaurant? You are NOT alone!

The first rule in business and in restaurants is to outsource and delegate anything that is not your area of expertise. That's where our digital media and social media agencies for restaurants come in!

Here are some very good reasons why you should be outsourcing your restaurant digital marketing:

  • It takes approximately 20 hours a week, per account to properly schedule posts, design graphics, create content, build newsletters, engage the community, reply to reviews, conceptualize a strategy, coordinate the implementation, update the website, run contests, etc...

  • That is not even counting ads... Digital Ads can get complicated real fast. Did you know you can geo-target, pinpoint people with birthdays, target potential guests based on their spending paterns and habits, re-marketing, etc...

  • In addition, you still need to track, monitor and manage all of the ads as well as analyze the results and report it appropriately.

  • Newsletters are also multi-layered, first you need to collect the data from all the sources (wi-fi portals, reservation systems, lead generators, surveys, online ordering, etc...), second, you then need to create a newsletter that is both visually appealing and interesting to your audience without being overly sales oriented. Finally, you need to choose the right day and time to send the newsletter to have maximum impact.

  • Websites are another multi-layered aspect of Digital Media. It is easier than ever to create restaurant websites but it is still not for everyone, especially if you want something special that still generates revenue for your restaurant, have a high ranking on SEO, be mobile friendly, be responsive, have the proper CTA's, have integrated features with your 3rd party suppliers, etc...

That is just the initial creation, what about weekly updates, menu changes, picture updates, SEO updates, etc....

It can get overwhelming quite quick and every single restaurant owner that have told us they can handle it in-house have missed crucial items and the digital media strategy ultimately fell apart.

It can cost you less than 10 covers a week to outsource all this work and more to one of our digital media and social media agencies for restaurants so book a discovery call today for your restaurant and take this burden off your shoulders.

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