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Why Instagram Quotes Are Great For Your Restaurant's IG Feed.

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Contrary to popular belief, Instagram quotes are used for more than just the sole purpose of “extra content.”

A major reason why brands utilize quote graphics is to foster personal relationships with their audience establish a brand tone of voice and to build brand loyalty.

The best part about Instagram Quotes is that it does not need to be on a set day, set time, or set schedule. As long as you are breaking up your feed accordingly then you are in the clear.

Still on the fence about Instagram quotes? Then try them in your stories first and see how they perform. Many brands also opt to use memes, or GIFS, because those also help establish their brand image.

The main purpose is to engage with your audience and build deeper, more meaningful relationships. What’s so great about this strategy is that you can really take it in whatever direction you’d like! To showcase your brands sense of humour, showcase testimonials or reviews, or to even share motivating content that you think will resonate with others.

Spark the conversation with the online community and see how it effects your restaurant's overall aesthetic!

Good luck!

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