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Things You Need To Know About Digital Media For Your Restaurant in 2019

Digital Media and Social Media Agency for Restaurants

New year, new challenges and new things to learn, it also means new innovations and better techniques. Our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies have put together the best tips and what you need to know about Digital Media for 2019.

Video is King

This is not an overstatement, Video is indeed king, people engage a lot more with it. The more authentic the video, the better so don't be afraid of doing things on the fly. Only recommendation, make sure you have good lighting.

Data is Power

Data is information and information is power, it is that simple. There is restaurant data (average covers per week, average size of groups, average items bought per cover, average spend per cover, most ordered items, highest margin items, etc...), there is then marketing data (what is your reach, impressions, engagement rates, conversion rates, open rates, click through rates, cost per clicks, cost per conversions, cost of acquisition, etc...), there is then demographic data (who is your perfect guest, age, gender, location, name, email, phone, birthday, anniversary, platform he uses, etc...), and there is then behavioral data (spending patterns, guest return rates vs. time, loyalty factor, review tendencies, taste, preferences, etc...).

If you or the person/company you hire to handle the data knows what they are doing, you will end up on top as each decision is then made with information and facts to back it up. Your marketing dollars also goes a lot further as you are not shooting blanks, everything that goes out targets the perfect guest for your restaurant brand.

360 is key

The digital media strategy for your restaurant should be a 360degree approach, covering all the bases consistently and concisely. Think of it as your restaurant. If your food is amazing but the service is poor and the place is dirty, what do you think the guest will think overall? A restaurant experience is just that, an multi sensory exploration of something new. If one of those things throws you off, the whole experience is ruined. Digital Media works the same way, you need to cover all your bases.

Read this blog post here to see what it takes to execute a proper digital media strategy.

Have some pride

Are you proud of the dish you put in front of your guest? Are you proud of the overall experiences guests get to enjoy when they visit your restaurant? What if you could put your digital media presence and place it on a plate to serve to your guests, would you have that same pride? The answer should be yes!

Instagram is Top Dog

Instagram is the top platform for restaurants and food. The most Instagramed subject in the whole world is Pizza. Your IG game needs to be great or above to compete in the market and that will take time to build. You need to build your strategy, create your content, research hashtags, research accounts for reposts, come up with great posts and then repeat on a daily basis.

Facebook Ads Are the Best Bang For Your Buck

Facebook is the only platform that can get you $0.09 CPC with double digit CTR and cost acquisition under $1 for new guests. It is also the platform that has the most versatility and segmentation when it comes to targeting. The bad rep Facebook has been getting in 2018 is exactly because of how powerful it is. Just harness that power for your restaurant.

Influencers Work

Indeed they do, the caveat is that like everything else, it needs to be done properly. It is a bit too long to explain in this post so our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants have created a blog post just for it here.

Don't Forget About Google Business Manager

Google is one of the most powerful tools on earth and the most powerful on the internet. It boggles my mind how most restaurants will neglect this platform. It is extremely easy to use and it will be viewed more often than your website. Please set it up properly.

**There is a post coming on that late February. Step by step guide so stay tune.

Get a Proper Website

The days of $30,000 websites are long gone. You can now get a state of the art, custom, mobile friendly, responsive, multi-language, multi-location, optimized website with an integrated pickup, delivery, gift card and e-store system for under $2000. Some will even "rent" you a website for a small monthly (albeit perpetual) fee (you don't have to pay upfront that way). What is your excuse?

Wi-Fi Portals

Wi-Fi Portals are not new in 2019 nor were they new 5 years ago but Wi-Fi portals are now the norm and if you don't have one, get one. With today's technology, you can do way more than grab emails (which is still top priority and should be done) including the emails of your "ghost" guests, you can also capture birthdays, anniversaries, name, behavioral patterns and then through the Wi-Fi you can do smart messaging based on visit frequency (or lack thereof), birthdays, anniversaries and important promotions in addition to being able to determine who your best guests are and compensate them accordingly.

Newsletters Are The Gifts That Keeps Giving

Once you have a guest's information, that guest is now also part of your digital community. This allows you to communicate to them quite easily and as frequently as you wish for no additional costs. Repeat guests are easier to get than new guests so take advantage of that by providing your digital community with interesting content, cool facts and new information that educates them in one way or the other. Do not just send "sales" email to guests, give them an experience (digitally just like physically at your restaurant). That guest is part of your community up to the point where YOU lost him by either not communicating enough (no consistency), spamming the guest (repeat emails about the same thing and overly sales like content) or providing poor content. If you do it right, that guest will look forward to your emails and as a result, will visit you more often.

Show You Care

When replying to a review, you are not just replying to 1 person, you are replying to the thousands and thousands of potential guests that are reading the review and your comment. It is not difficult to show that you care if you actually do care. Just be genuine, humble and grateful, remember that your guests are paying all your bills.

If you need help or want to better understand any of these topics, just drop us a line and a Digital Media Guru from one of our Digital Media and Social Media Agencies for Restaurants will be more than happy to speak to you and guide you in the right direction.

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