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The Right Review Strategy For Restaurants

Digital Media and Social Media Agency for Restaurants.  The Right Review Strategy for Restaurants

Being a restaurant owner is not necessarily easy and time is always in short supply. That is why we recommend systematizing all your tasks so you can be as efficient as possible. Here, we give you the right strategy about how to answer reviews.

Rule Number 1: Reviews Matter, Answer Them

It’s pretty basic!

It is human nature to want to share our experiences especially bad ones and it is also human nature to want to be listened to! Reviews are a place where these 2 things come together and as a restaurant owner it’s crucial that reviews are not overlooked. But when you’re hit with some many it can get overwhelming so here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Set aside a “Reviews Day”: it’s important not to leave reviews unanswered for too long or else the situation becomes irrelevant or worse the customer may become upset. Make sure to respond to reviews once a week and a great way to do so is to set aside your review day. We suggest Monday or Tuesday since most reviews come in after the weekend visits!

  2. Know your stance on poor reviews: unfortunately poor reviews are inevitable but it’s important to figure out how you’d like to handle them before they come so you’re not bombarded when they do come! Figure out what you’re willing to do to rectify the situation. Are you willing to compensate meals? Send gift cards? Maybe just take it as a note on how to improve moving forward? Whatever the case, make sure they’re all attended to!

  3. Personalize every response: the key to review responding is to not sound like a robot repeating yourself. Take the time to read the review and tailor the response. Doesn’t have to be a Shakespeare novel but a personal touch makes all the difference!

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