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The Psychology Of Color For Your Restaurant Brand

The Psychology of color for your restaurant brand

Choosing the right colors for your brand can either attract your desired demographic or it can scare them away. Your brand tells a story, it's important you tell the right one!

Red - Symbolizes Passion, Anger, Love and Courage. It typically catches the attention of most people right away, making it the perfect color for sales and appetite triggers.

Orange - High Vibe and Energetic is the best way to describe orange. Most people will either love it or hate it but it always provides a spark of energy. This is why many sports teams have some shade of Orange in their logos.

Yellow - Think happy thoughts! Yellow is often used by fast food chains because it gives off the impression of happiness and speed. For example, McDonalds! Happy Meals and quick service.

Green - Health, nature and peace. This is why you hear the term "Green Room" in studios, it gives TV guests a chance to calm down and relax before appearing on air.

Turquoise - Peace and Tranquility. Think of the ocean! This is why spas use turquoise or teal as their dominant color.

Blue - Another great color for promoting peace, clarity and relaxation. Why do you think airports have blue carpets? To ease travel anxiety!

Purple - The color of royalty. It encourages high value, bravery and importance. This is why anti-aging products gravitate towards purple, allowing them to command higher prices.

Pink - Traditionally a feminine color, pink is often used when targeting women. It can also be used as a symbol of care, kindness and hope.

White - Purity, Innocence and even Perfection are associated traits of the color white. It's an inviting color that allows people to feel comfortable and eventually open up to possibilities. This is why many high end restaurants gravitate towards white, they are looking to project perfection, cleanliness and sophistication.

Brown - One must be careful when working the color brown because it can quickly give off a vibration of emptiness. On a positive note, it represent dependability and security like the earth. The best way to work with brown would be to pair it with soft neutrals for an inviting feeling.

Black - Tall, Dark and Mysterious. Black is a common color chosen by those seeking to be powerful, formal and secretive. If you're looking to stand out with authority, black is your color!

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