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Picking the RIGHT Agency for your Restaurant

Social Media and Digital Media Agency for Restaurants

Choosing the right agency is a game that requires a little dose of strategy. With so many aspects to consider, it can be difficult to trust someone with the marketing and complete digital presence of your restaurant. We understand, your restaurant is your baby and you want to make sure it’s in good hands.

We’ve compiled a short but sweet list with tips to guide you in the right direction that will allow you to pick the right agency for your restaurant.

1. Make sure they understand your vision

Many agencies will say anything you want to hear in order to close a deal. They will sweet talk to you til your ears ring but unfortunately, this will not help you or your business in the long term. A great agency that truly cares about your restaurant and needs will ask you many questions. They will make an effort to understand what your goals are, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what matters to you most. If an agency is quick to give you a cookie cutter answer, consider this a red flag!

2. Ask if they have restaurant industry experience

Being a restauranteur is not an easy job, trust us, we know. That being said, having an agency with restaurant industry experience will bring you peace of mind knowing that they are fully aware of the odd hours, last minute changes and organized chaos.

3. Listen to your intuition We can give you all the tips in the world but ultimately, the decision is yours. Listen to your intuition the first time, it will always lead you in the right direction. If it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a hell no!

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