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Mistakes Restaurants Make On Instagram

Digital Media and Social Media Agency for Restaurants.  Mistakes Restaurants Make on Instagram

Social media is crucial in this day and age to get your restaurant seen by as many people as possible and when doing so, you want to make sure that your restaurant is being portrayed in a positive and prestigious way in line with your restaurant brand.

Here are a few mistakes that restaurants make on Instagram that can be easily fixed:

Not Taking Social Media Seriously

Social media is enormously powerful. Many tech-savvy restaurants are thriving purely off their social media presence and what they are advertising online.

Having an incomplete Instagram page or lacking social presence is a major mistake for restaurants as you are not reaching your full marketing potential.

Another way many restaurants don’t take their social media seriously is by lack of effort and offloading the responsibility to a friend or family member that just doesn’t know how to successfully and effectively manage your social media in a premium way.

Neglecting Feedback & Taking Things To Heart

One of the biggest mistakes restaurants can make is not responding to a customer or better yet, responding poorly and showing them that you have been offended. Remember, people will always see reviews, and they will always see your responses so make sure to keep them upbeat and appreciative of feedback.

Not Posting Good Quality Content At The Right Times

So you’re posting everyday and wondering why you’re followers seem to be stagnant and stuck in place. It might be because you are not an expert at food photography and copywrite and all that juicy stuff that makes a post soar. YOU are an expert at what YOU do, and WE are experts at what WE do.

Let’s face it, the hashtag #food has 321 million posts associated with it!!! If you want to make your mark you can’t be posting blurry, poorly lit pictures of meals and that's where we come in.

Not Engaging With The Online Community

Just like reviews, nobody likes being ignored & everybody wants to be heard. It’s important to keep the conversation going both before & after the meal. When you receive a comment on social media, respond. Whether it is like, comment back or even follow back, these gestures go a long way.

Not Utilizing the Appropriate Hashtags

Did you know that Instagram only allows you a certain amount of hashtags on a post? So you really gotta make those hashtags count! Use hashtags that are relevant and feasible options for your restaurant, example: instead of #toronto try using hashtag #torontofood because people that are looking at the #toronto hashtag may not be particularly on the lookout for Toronto food, but people using the #torontofood are looking for exactly that.

Social media marketing your restaurant can seem intimidating and scary at first but it doesn’t need to be. After learning about the most common mistakes restaurants made on Instagram, take a step back and look at your own restaurant and what you wish to be improving on and let us help make waves of improvements to help your restaurant reap the benefits of great social exposure.

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