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Mind Blowing Marketing Statistics You Need To Know About The Restaurant Industry

Social Media and Digital Media Statistics for Restaurants 2019

If you ever had any doubts about why it is important for your restaurant to have a proper digital media strategy, look no further than these mind blowing statistics about the industry and about how you can easily stand out from your competition.

  • Over 85% of consumers say that they expect a newsletter from the restaurants they visit

  • 62% of consumers expect more than just a sales advert

  • Only 18% of restaurants engage in Newsletter Marketing

  • 71% of newsletter databases in the restaurant industry contain less than 500 subscribers

  • 86% of newsletter databases in the restaurant industry do not segment their subscribers

  • 98% of newsletter databases in the restaurant industry do not use smart messaging

  • 92% of newsletter databases in the restaurant industry are not maintained nor purged

  • Consumers are spending 48% of their total food budgets on restaurants

  • 90% of guests research a restaurant online before dining - more than any other industry

  • 57% of those guests viewed a restaurant website before booking

  • 52% of worldwide restaurant traffic was generated via mobile sessions

  • 60% of consumers order food online at least once a week

  • 92% of consumers read reviews

  • 77% of consumers prefer peer reviews over critic reviews

  • 33% of consumers will NOT eat at a restaurant with less than 4 star average on popular review sites

  • 77% of the population is active on Social Media

  • The hashtag "Food Porn" receives about 90 Food Snaps every minute

  • 72% of people on Facebook made a restaurant decision based on pictures and comments of other users

  • The most important technology features for guests are online reservations, free wifi, and online ordering

  • 83% of consumers expect a timely response to their inquiries from restaurants via social channels

  • Only 32% of restaurants do ads on Facebook

  • Only 19% of restaurants do ads on Google

  • Only 12% of restaurants do ads on Instagram

  • Over 200 million Instagram Stories get posted each month

  • Pizza is the most Grammed topic on Instagram

  • 69% of consumers are likely to take photos of their food

  • 53% of consumers will look up a restaurant on Instagram before going

  • 30% of consumers will avoid a restaurant if the Instagram account is weak

  • 62% of restaurants post bad pictures on Instagram

  • 84% of restaurants do not use the proper hashtags on Instagram

  • Over 90,000,00 searches related to restaurants are made monthly in the English speaking world

  • 83% of restaurants do not claim nor manage their Google Business Listing

  • 93% of restaurants do not properly Optimize their websites

  • 73% of restaurant pages on Facebook are not setup properly

  • 88% of restaurant pages on Facebook do not have a discernible strategy

  • 71% of restaurant pages on Facebook are not consistent enough to have an impact

  • 83% of restaurant pages on Facebook do not respond to comments and messages in a timely manner

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