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3 Ways to Turn Restaurant Guests Into Brand Ambassadors

Increase revenue at your restaurant by turning guests into brand ambassadors

How to turn your guests into brand ambassadors? The basic name of the game is to create a brand experience that’s so good they can’t help but scream about it from the top of the rooftops!

But for a few more specific tips take a peek at our top 3:

First and foremost: TREAT THEM LIKE ROYALTY

When people are treated well they will rave about it. Make sure your customer service is la creme de la creme because when someone leaves your restaurant feeling like they’re on top of the world they will naturally spread the world amongst their circle and say “you have to go to this restaurant, they were so nice to us and made us feel special”. Even if they had a bad food experience, if you are able to rectify it by going above and beyond for them they will remember how you went out of your way to make them leave happy rather than the hiccup that happened with that one dish. Remember, people like to feel valued and appreciated above all else. Every guest that walks through your door should be treated like Beyonce.

2. Encourage them to POST about you on social

In a world of influencers and foodies, the biggest platform to get the word out about your wonderful restaurant is Instagram. Encourage your guests to post about you! Not sure how to do that we’ve got a few suggestions:

  • Create a contest where the best User generated Content with your hashtag will win a free night out (or heck go crazy and offer them the dish they posted about for FREE for a year - people love the hype)

  • Keep it simple and make sure that they’re always aware of your instagram and add a little line on all your marketing reminding them to post about your experience & when they do make sure to share it! Share it either directly on your feed or create a special story where you repost your top picks

3. Create a BUDDY system

Develop a referral program! The idea is simple: one customer brings in another customer and they both get some sort of discount, then that new customer goes out and brings another new customer and again they get a discount, the possibilities go on and on. Bottom line though is that people love 2 things: sharing experiences with those they love & a great deal - combine both and you’re bound to create some great office gossip!

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