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3 Non-Negotiable Money Makers For Your Restaurant Website

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Is your website making money for your restaurant? Is it generating you leads? Is it getting you organic guests? Do you have proper and sufficient call to actions to your profit centers? Are you collecting data from potential guests that sign up to your newsletter? Do you have remarketing, analytics and cookies installed properly?

Here are 3 non-negotiable money makers for your restaurant website that will help make sure you answer yes to all the questions above.

Lead Generators

Often times, we come across restaurant owners that believe in old school ways of doing business. Times are changing and to maintain success, a restaurant owner must be willing to adapt to this new environment. This includes making your website and accessibility to guests as easy as possible without human intervention.

Make sure you have lead generators on your site for potential guests that are looking for large group bookings, private events, catering and large deliveries. The easier you make it for them to get the information they need as well as the information you need, the more likely they are to choose your restaurant. The lead generators on your restaurant website will streamline your process for both you and your potential guest, take advantage of it and increase your revenue without wasting time.

Data Collection

we are positive that restaurant owners know the meaning of the term "knowledge is power" but do restaurant owners know what to do with it?

You may have a newsletter signup form on your website but are you utilizing it properly? Are you communicating with your guests and potential guests on a regular basis with valuable information that is not just sales oriented?

Do you have an analytics program on your restaurant website to be able to understand the behavior of your restaurant website visitors? This will allow you to understand where visitors come from, what they are looking at, how long they look at it, if they get converted into revenue (reservation, lead generator, order online, etc...) and where they exit from. This data is crucial for improving the digital experience of would be guests and increasing your revenue.

Are you using remarketing advertising tactics? Many potential guests do not necessarily commit to something when seeing it only once. Remarketing allows your restaurant to advertise to potential guests that have visited your website on other site they visit and other platforms. Remarketing is the most efficient digital advertising strategy and it is one seldom used by restaurants.

*Note that you should have a good privacy and cookie policy as well as you should always have consent before soliciting potential guests via email.

SEO Optimization

Did you know there's more to a restaurant website than looking pretty and working well? What if we told you the way your restaurant website is optimized will determine how easy someone can find you organically on search engines? How close to the top results you will pop up when Googled is based on how your website is optimized and if it is not done properly, you won't even make it in the top 10 pages. To be as optimized as possible, there are dozens of steps you must take and the details of each must be executed flawlessly.

If you don't know where to start, that is not a problem, let one of our digital media and social media agencies for restaurants work its magic while you make your restaurant experience better.

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