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10 Social Media Tips For Your Restaurant

Social Media Tips For Your Restaurant

Social media plays an integral role in advertising your restaurants business online. Not only is it an excellent way to reach an audience in a fun and creative way, but it is also cost effective and in tune with the modern day era we live in today.

Our Social Media and Digital Media Agencies for Restaurants put together a list of the 10 Best Social Media Tips for your restaurant that every restaurant owner needs to know!

1. Develop a clear brand tone of voice

People want to feel like they are relating and connecting with a brand, so whether you want to sound fun and witty or serious and smart is up to you, because in turn, it will effect the audience who follows you, inevitably also effecting the people who will walk through your doors.

2. Showcase all you have to offer

Who doesn’t love a good food photo? You know, those photos of the cheese melting off the edges of a burger… or that sparkling clean glass of wine, where the light seems to hit it just right. Yeah, those are the photos we’re talking about. You have to showcase all of the great items on your menu, including the space you serve them in, this will help attract and encourage people to join you for a meal.

3. Respond to reviews

Whether they’re good or bad, people want to be heard. Addressing reviews shows you appreciate and acknowledge feedback and that’s honorable enough on its own.

4. Repost & share user-generated content

What is user-generated content you may ask? Look for the person that’s snapping photos of their food… then look at your social channels after to see if they tagged you… THEN, if it meets your photo quality standards, share their post on your page! It’s that easy. Not only does this make that customer feel special, but it is free content for YOU to use on YOUR page!

5. Ask questions to engage your followers

Start the conversation by improving engagement on social media by asking fun questions to your audience! Everybody loves someone that encourages them to voice their opinion. Additionally, followers are more likely to remember the content of the post when they’re really engaged with it.

6. Run social media contests

One of the easiest and fastest way to gain followers and engagement is by offering something in return. By asking guests to participate in a contest, you are building a rapport and encouraging engagement. Not only is this beneficial for your restaurant, but you are giving people value and reason to follow you!

7. Use hashtags

Hashtags not only look cool, but they are your free way of showing your restaurant to the world. If you use relevant hashtags you are knowingly getting exposure for your restaurant and landing it in the eyes of people that may not follow or know about you.

8. Influencer Marketing

People like to follow people of influence, or individuals that inspire and intrigue them with their unique content. There is a huge market for this in the food industry. As a restaurant utilizing social media, you should aim to work with food & lifestyle influencers/bloggers. They THRIVE off being invited to restaurants and are leaders at taking the right content to showcase your restaurant in a new light.

9. Participate & engage with the social community

Your restaurant is part of a local community. There are countless amounts of ways to communicate with the online audience, whether it be through hashtags, comments, your explore feed, people you follow, people your mutual friends follow, tagged photos, it really never ends!

10. Be authentic

We live in the digital era. People can sense BS from a mile away so it is so important to always be transparent and authentic to yourself and with the online community. People want to see what makes YOU unique and what makes YOU so special compared to your competitors so use that to your advantage and prove to them why you deserve their business. Whether it be through your impeccable customer service, jaw-dropping dishes or picture perfect interior, there’s always something to share that makes you, you.

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